The results are in! 🎉

GetUp's 2019 federal election survey

Every petition GetUp members sign, MP email they send, doors they knock, dollar they donate, and every action in between determines the GetUp movement’s direction. Taking part in GetUp’s election survey is another key way they help shape the strategy and priorities that will underpin GetUp’s 2019 federal election campaign.

Thank you to the more than 21,000 people who responded to GetUp’s election survey. This record number of election survey responses, along with consultation with voters on the ground, over the phone and online, will help to build GetUp’s most impactful election campaign to date.

The top issues members want to fight for this election


Urgent action to address climate change including stopping Adani from digging its Carmichael mine


A super-charged transition to renewable energies like solar and wind


The immediate evacuation to safety of all the refugees and people seeking asylum held on Manus Island and Nauru


Ensuring that Medicare, schools and other essential services are adequately funded


Protecting ABC and SBS funding, independence and integrity

On strategy, GetUp members overwhelmingly voted to:

  • Kick out powerful, hard right MPs who are holding the country back on the issues we care about

  • Cut through the spin and grab voters' attention with informative and engaging ad campaigns

  • Campaign in electorates where strong independent candidates are running who share our vision and values

  • Put political pressure on MPs and candidates to be more progressive through local campaigns

  • Enrol as many Australians to vote as possible

More than 92% of members want to target hard-right MPs who block progress on the issues we care about this election.

Now it’s a matter of working out which MPs to target! So we're asking GetUp members around the country to nominate the hard right MPs who are holding us back the most. These results, combined with conversations with voters and other member feedback, will help GetUp determine our movement’s targets for 2019. And it can’t happen without your vote!

Take the next step by having your say about which hard right MP stands in the way of progress on the issues we care about.

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The hard right are blocking progress on action on climate change, looking after the vulnerable, and giving preference to the wealthy. They don't care about the average Australian, only about what's in it for them, their mates and retaining power.

–Penelope, Ambergate, WA

The hard right has a disproportionate say in policy and governance which is out of step with the aspirations of ordinary Australians. Australia needs progressive, sensitive, thoughtful and long term policies formed that provides a better world for younger generation

–Mick, Clydebank, VIC

While our opponents have money, we have people power.

GetUp members able to volunteer have pledged close to an average of 3 hours each week to the election effort.

I’m part of GetUp because my elected officials do not represent my interests, nor do they enshrine my values. Change needs to happen, and happen fast. Go GetUp!

–Chris, Jerrabomberra, NSW

It is vital to be a part of a collective movement that ensures our representatives govern for the people and not for self-interest or profit.

–Ian, Bollier, QLD

This is just the beginning!

Over the next couple of months, GetUp’s strategy team will gather more member feedback, talk to voters and use these survey results to draw up GetUp’s most impactful election strategy to date!

Take the next step by having your say about which hard right MP stands in the way of progress on the issues we care about.

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